Correction made to Preliminary Health Needs Identification Tool – Disparity Report.

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A data inconsistency error was identified and corrected. The error was present only in the “Preliminary Health Needs Identification Tool” for the race/ethnicity disparity EXCEL data export. Specifically, the data in the “Native American/Alaskan Native Alone” and “Asian Alone” columns in the Tab2_RaceEthnicDisparities sheet were affected.

The error was caused by a typo in a database control table that identifies the Asian population (“AIAN” for American Indian and Alaskan Native vs. ”ASIAN” for Asian). For 7 indicators, data for the Native American population was filled into the Asian column in the disparity EXCEL sheet. For 11 additional indicators, no Asian population data was reported when it was available. A complete list of the affected indicators and the issue for each is provided below.
Note: this issue did not affect indicators where race is further distinguished by Hispanic origin.

The online report, PDF download, Microsoft Word download, and EXCEL export for other sheets and reports were all unaffected.

Indicators Reporting Values for Native American as Asian

  • Mortality – Cancer
  • Mortality – Homicide
  • Mortality – Ischaemic Heart Disease
  • Mortality – Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Mortality – Pedestrian Accident (CA Only)
  • Mortality – Stroke
  • Mortality – Suicide

Indicators with Missing Values for Asian Population

  • Cancer Incidence – Breast
  • Cancer Incidence – Cervix
  • Cancer Incidence – Colon and Rectum
  • Cancer Incidence – Lung
  • Cancer Incidence – Prostate
  • Insurance – Uninsured Population
  • Overweight Youth (CA Only)
  • Population with No High School Diploma
  • Population with Any Disability
  • Poverty – Children Below 100% FPL
  • Poverty – Population Below 100% FPL